Quality Audit

Care First Consultancy Midlands can offer a systematic and outcome based analysis of the service provider’s key strengths and areas for improvement.

This is based on the new Regulatory Framework utilised by CQC from April 2014 and incorporating amended Regulations 2014 and published Provider Handbooks

We will work in partnership with you to develop and achieve an action plan to ensure compliance with registration and to provide an ongoing quality service.

We have developed an in-house quality audit system that can be applied to all CQC Outcomes, particularly Safeguarding, Medicines Management, Nutrition, Health & Safety, Recruitment & Selection, Training and Infection Control.

These audit systems can be used by your service to regularly and systematically assure the quality of your service to be compliant with regulations, identify areas for immediate attention and to further improve the service you provide.

We can provide an outcome based Quality Audit Tool for you to use and our expert consultants are available to assist you in ensuring positive outcomes for your service users.